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How can nonprofits effectively transform their ideas into action? Innovation for Social Change, Nonprofit Strategist Leah Kral provides a practical manual for nonprofits and charitable organizations seeking to innovate their way toward new and exciting possibilities.

Explore hands-on design thinking strategies and techniques you can use as a disciplined process for exploring what’s possible in your organization. Discover how to identify hidden needs, deal with the knock-on effects of your ideas, and focus your efforts where they can have the greatest impact.

You’ll also discover how to transform your ideas into action, build small experiments and learn from them before scaling them up organization-wide, and how to create an ecosystem for everyday innovation. Finally, Kral explains what we can learn from social entrepreneurs as they boldly challenge the status quo.

This can’t-miss roadmap to creative innovation will earn a place in the libraries of nonprofit board members, managers, fundraisers, and other professionals in the charitable space.

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